Dietary cook

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If you feel at home in the kitchen, you like flavours, and you are good at combining them, this may just be the right trade for you. They are involved in the preparation of menus and dietary recommendations. They need to be familiar with raw materials and technologies, and they play an important role in the ordering process as well. Their main task is the preparation, portioning, decoration and presentation of dishes. It is important for them to be up to date in the area of dietary customs and to know well the various national cuisines. If you are hard-working and skilful, with this qualification you may even become the executive chef of a restaurant. The task of dietary chefs is to harmonise the number of daily meals and to ensure variety in the dishes served, in compliance with the requirements of healthy nutrition. They are also able to help put together menus for vegetarians, those on a diet or suffering from various illnesses.

Schools where available

  • Vocational Grammar School and Vocational Secondary School of Trade and Catering

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